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Non-Profit Losing Time, Money

A non-profit housing organization with multiple offices had an unreliable and unsecured network. This non-profit was receiving an enormous amount of viruses and spam e-mail which compromised their organization's critical data. Their network's vulnerability and instability translated into a huge financial loss of productivity, efficiency and data. In addition of their need for a secure and reliable data network, this non-profit needed to incorporate a wireless network for their entire enterprise.


More Time to Focus on Mission

Based on a network analysis, thinkCSC secured our client's network perimeter at all sites. thinkCSC implemented our best-in-class email security solution which dramatically reduced spam and improved network security. thinkCSC installed a secure and robust wireless network. In addition, thinkCSC increased their network speed to remote sites by updating their consumer based transport devices with enterprise level switches and routers. As a result of thinkCSC’s proactive IT support, this non-profit is able to focus its time and resources on fulfilling their mission of providing quality housing to those who are economically challenged.


Solutions Provided by thinkCSC:

  • Consolidated servers and virtualization reduce management time
  • Increased network speeds to remote sites with DIA fiber connection
  • Virtualization of servers reduced carbon footprint
  • Regular monitoring and installation of current software
  • Removed spam and virus threats improved email security
  • Created a secure wireless network
  • Network map and documentation improved efficiency
  • Proactive IT support and guidance
  • Virtualization reduces management time

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