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Municipality with Network Difficulties

A local municipality with a population of more than 5,000 was experiencing slow and unreliable network traffic among its buildings located throughout the city. In addition, the city had no network documentation, which made managing and troubleshooting their network difficult and time consuming. Finally, the city had no disaster recovery or strategic IT plan in place.


thinkCSC Develops All-Encompassing Plan

thinkCSC performed an audit, which identified several serious issues with the city’s server, e-mail, firewall and backup recovery system. To improve security and efficiency, thinkCSC developed a strategic IT plan for the city and conducted an overhaul of their technology system. thinkCSC brought all servers, backup and email systems up-to-date. Now fewer resources, both financial and human, are needed to maintain the city’s technology and keep its operations running smoothly.

Solutions Provided by thinkCSC:

  • Strategic IT plan and support
  • Increased security and efficiency with reconfigured server
  • Improved email system with most current Microsoft email hosting
  • Identified firewall threats
  • Reconfigured transport devices with firmware and security services
  • Centralized backup recovery system
  • Disaster recovery plan that is review quarterly
  • Proactive monitoring of backup system
  • Optimized network to increased security, productivity and efficiency
  • Network map and documentation improve efficiency
  • The city’s network has been optimized which has increased security, productivity and efficiency

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