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K-12 School Network At-Risk

For a K-12 school, managing and troubleshooting its network was a difficult and time consuming task. The school had no security measures in place and was at risk for network attacks. In addition, they had a large amount of desktop printers that were very expensive to repair and maintain.


Creating Efficiency, Decreasing Costs

thinkCSC initial security assessment found infected computers, miscellaneous hardware failures and no centralized documentation for the school’s network. The firewall had many issues, with no content filter, no virus protection and no spyware protection. First, thinkCSC reconfigured the network, updating its appliance license, and created a detailed network document and map.

To improve security, virus and spyware signatures were updated and browsing policies were established. Workstation recovery software was deployed and all viruses and malware was removed. thinkCSC also centralized and consolidated network printers and retired inefficient desktop printers. This enabled the school to reduce expenditures on printing supplies, repairs and management.

The school is now able to manage its technology resources more efficiently and cost effectively. As a result, teachers now view the school’s technology as a valuable resource as opposed to a nuisance. Students are also more secure and productive.

Solutions Provided by thinkCSC:

  • Developed a strategic IT plan that is reviewed quarterly
  • Removed all existing network viruses and malware
  • Updated security, virus and spyware signatures
  • Enhanced web content filter
  • Implemented browsing policies
  • Deployed workstation recovery software
  • Created detailed network document and map
  • Centralized and consolidated network printers

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