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Unsecure Network Threatens Business

A central Ohio business with 75 users began experiencing a series of cyber attacks. Spyware and malware spread throughout their network because it was vulnerable and unprotected. These security issues hindered employee productivity and exposed private company information.


Providing Security, Peace of Mind

thinkCSC developed a proactive network security strategy that included installing a security appliance with monitoring capabilities. thinkCSC also changed all network passwords and deployed a stringent password policy. This reduces opportunities for malicious users to hack into the network. By continuously monitoring network traffic, thinkCSC is able to dramatically reduce and thwart future cyber attacks.

The company’s new defensive approach to security gives its owner peace of mind that its valuable information won’t be compromised again. Additionally, thanks to a new secure VPN, employees can work remotely – increasing productivity.

Solutions Provided by thinkCSC:

  • Proactive network security strategy
  • Continuous network monitoring through TotalSecure SonicWall security appliance
  • Removal of 2 unnecessary Linux firewalls
  • Password policy definition and implementation
  • Secure remote VPN access
  • Detailed reporting and analysis
  • Prevented outside network intrusions


Small Business Overwhelmed with IT Management

With 50 users, the servers of a central Ohio company were critical to its business. But managing 12 servers was a complex task. In addition, the company’s existing anti-spam software was ineffective at managing spam – reducing employee productivity and hindering client service.


Streamlining Computer, Email Processes

thinkCSC simplified the company’s server system by consolidating the roles of 12 servers into three. In addition, network security was improved by switching the company’s e-mail hosting to thinkCSC. By taking these measures, the company is now able to focus on serving customers as opposed to managing its servers. Using thinkCSC’s e-mail hosting system, the company has also gotten control over its spam issue – improving employee productivity and responsiveness.

Solutions Provided by thinkCSC:

  • Consolidated roles of 12 servers into 3, creating a virtual environment
  • Created e-mail server redundancy through the thinkCSC datacenter
  • Migrated e-mail hosting to thinkCSC Hosted E-mail Security
  • Continuous network traffic monitoring and management
  • Proactive spam management
  • Detailed reporting and analysis of network traffic

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