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Our client list extends from government to non-profit, education to business and we have helped several organizations develop and execute IT strategy that improves their efficiencies, productivity and ultimately, their bottom line. Take the time to review our case studies to see how we have successfully served our clients…and see how we can help you.

  • Business CSCase Study
    thinkCSC Improved network efficiency, speed and security for a local professional services firm.
  • Education CSCase Study
    thinkCSC Implemented content filtering and security while reducing downtime and printing costs for a local school district.
  • Government CSCase Study
    thinkCSC Improved network reliabilty and speed, created a disaster recovery plan and reduced network management resources.
  • Non-Profit CSCase Study
    thinkCSC Seamlessly managed a large move, increased network and email security, and reduced network management resources. 

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