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Do you know if your IT infrastructure is an asset or a liability? thinkCSC deploys innovative, affordable technology that helps maximize your network's efficiencies while minimizing external threats.  With a healthy IT infrastructure in place, thinkCSC's clients (business, non-profits, government and K-12 and higher education) have the seamless ability to create and capitalize on opportunities, for growth in revenues, profits and customer loyalty.

thinkCSC has a proven track record of helping our clients standardize and automate the setup and delivery of their IT services in order to achieve true scalability. thinkCSC's NOC (Network Operations Center) is backed by the most comprehensive business enablement support services available today.

At the beginning of thinkCSC's IT partnership with you, we will perform an IT health assessment that includes a detailed analysis of your IT along with an executive summary. Based on your IT health assessment findings, thinkCSC will work closely with you to maximize your network's efficiency and reliability.  In addition, thinkCSC will deploy our latest Managed Services technology to insure that your network stays healthy.



thinkCSC’s NOC will monitor, deliver regular preventative maintenance and remotely troubleshoot any issues on your devices. Issues that can’t be remediated remotely will be escalated for on-site support.

  • Monitoring and alerting for servers
  • Preventive maintenance on servers
  • Patch Management
  • AV Updates
  • AD/Exchange Maintenance
  • Asset reporting
  • Remote troubleshooting and remediation


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Let thinkCSC provide virtual IT management services for you so your IT infrastructure is always an asset.

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