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Does your Mac experience:

  • Freezing
  • Power and sleep issues
  • Fan issues or overheating
  • Distorted video
  • Audio problems
  • Wireless issues
  • Non functioning ports
  • Bad RAM slots
  • Kernel panics

You can rely on CSC to keep your best interests in mind as your local IT partner and advise you on the right repairs, products and software that will best meet your organization's needs. CSC's Apple-certified technicians can diagnose and solve your Mac troubles and keep your business continuity in as good as shape as your equipment. Click Here to Schedule an Appointment!

Ready to take your systems to the next level along with your business? We can help. It might be time to update to the latest Mac OS and our Apple-certified technicians have the training and experience to get you there. We can solve all of your Mac needs including IOS. From mobile and laptops to desktops and servers, we've got you covered. And because we're Apple-certified, we can perform AppleCare Service on your product. Click Here to Schedule an Appointment!

CSCare will help you save your data

Did you know slow access, flashing or clicking noises are all symptoms of a failing hard drive? This can lead to lost data and data lost in a hard drive crash might be lost permanently. Timely repairs will ensure to address problems as soon as they arise minimizing damage and maximizing your options. Don't let your business continuity suffer. Conveniently located in Columbus, Ohio, CSC provides repairs, AppleCare Service and hosted services to the surrounding central Ohio area. Click Here to Schedule an Appointment!

Your Mac has many components, any of which can go wrong. Problems can occur with the:

  • Hard Drive (SATA, PATA)
  • Logic Board (motherboard)
  • Memory (upgrades)
  • Power (laptop batteries, DC in-board (PowerPort))
  • Optical Drive
  • Screen (LCD, LED; Glossy and Matte)
  • Casing (display housing, top case, bottom case, hinge, keyboard)

If your hardware isn't running at full capacity then neither is your business. Let CSC's Apple-certified technicians give you peace of mind knowing your repairs are done right. Click Here to Schedule an Appointment!

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