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How is thinkCSC's Cloud different?

Most organizations realize significant benefits from cloud services, because these services allow you to scale and pay for your IT services by “the drip.”

In 2007, thinkCSC made the strategic decision to build our own cloud. While most IT solution providers offer cloud services, they aren't manufacturing their own cloud services. You see, cloud services are expensive to build, requiring a large investment of both time and money. IT solution providers understand that they need to “offer” cloud services, but it's simply cheaper and easier to resell someone else’s rather than to build their own cloud. So, many IT service providers are simply authorized resellers of limited solutions like Microsoft 365.

thinkCSC, on the other hand, actually manufactures and supports our own cloud services (no middle man). Because thinkCSC owns our own cloud, we can be very nimble when it comes to customizing your IT needs.  When you contact thinkCSC, you are talking with both your IT provider and your cloud provider.  So, when your business is considering the cloud, ask your IT provider if they are cloud manufacturer or reseller- the difference is huge!

Advantages of thinkCSC's IT in the Cloud offerings include:

  • Decrease revenue losses due to downtime, outages and accessibility issues
  • Improve collaboration, productivity and communication
  • Significantly lower hardware and software expenses
  • Ensure proprietary information remains private and secure
  • Comply with regulatory, industry and corporate policies

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